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Have you tried the OCD Diet Plan yet? Why not tell me all about how rhyming-dining changed your life!!

10/30/2008 20:30:09

You could try Rocket with Ladies Front-Pocket or Snack a Jack with Lamb Rack and Monterrey Jack...

10/30/2008 22:04:47

Your are rediculously good looking. Go you.

10/30/2008 22:58:05

It is mental but absolutely fantastic!
How about some banana and cicada! Deep Fried!

10/31/2008 00:20:13

BRILLIANT! Jaffa cake with beefy bake!

10/31/2008 00:24:30

Absolute genius! I laughed so much I've earned several points worth of Weightwatchers bonuses just by READING your diet! I think "Belgian Waffle with Sauteed Offal" was my favourite mental combination. But not to eat, obviously!

10/31/2008 01:49:05

I was in tears

10/31/2008 02:14:31

crab and kebab slab
sprout in a pouty trout
choc broc sock shock

this is great fun. well done.

oh god that rhymes too. look what you've made me do!

10/31/2008 03:17:37

makes the slimming world diet that i am on at the moment seem positively boring yet at the same time quite appealing!!

funny stuff! and you lost 3 pounds!

10/31/2008 04:18:23

i ponder if Black Jack Big Mac's will catch on?

10/31/2008 04:59:10

This is literally the funniest thing on the internet. My word, I lol'd until I did a little wee.
The only part of your whole diet which looked halfway palatable was the chocolate/steak mash-up.
Also: Marry me, but never ever cook for me.

10/31/2008 06:19:34

hehe.. thanks for the feedback.. and the additional recipes!! I should bring out the book next Spring probably ... mmm..

Spring Buck and a nice Long .. Island Ice Tea... ?

Damn, doesn't rhyme... let me think on that some more :)

Also seriously considering all offers of marriage - as long as you have a large ...

.. collection of takeaway delivery menus :)

10/31/2008 09:00:59

Very entertaining. Wouldn't surprise me if some twat thought this wasn't a wind up and tried it.

Kathereena Buffalina
10/31/2008 09:44:53

I am not a lesbian but i love you 'specially

10/31/2008 18:23:12

Really enjoyed reading your meal plan! Will definately show it to friends and family, laugh'd all the way through it! =)

10/31/2008 21:04:02

Funniest thing i've read in ages

All in the name of science

11/1/2008 02:45:43

This is so funny. I applaud you for a) thinking this up and b) sticking to it.

You missed out a classic rhyming meal though: mince (or even mints) with slices of quince anyone?

11/1/2008 10:53:11

What cruel linguistic fate that no other food rhymes with bacon.

11/1/2008 18:17:15

Cuppa tea with deep fried brie. (lush)
Cuppa coffee with chewy toffee.
Steamed Pollock (sorry!)
Pot-roast puma & satsuma.
Dog poop with tomato soup.
The list is endless!
(quite sad also as i have waisted at least 20 min of my life coming up with these!)
Great Idea, love it pmsl!

11/2/2008 17:26:06

Excellent stuff! Best thing to read first thing on a Monday morning at work. You're a true pioneer and genius!

11/2/2008 20:43:38


Scientific research should always be this much fun (to read).

You made me laugh, you lost weight and I'm sure you provided some much needed gossip in the break room of your local Tesco, you might not want to go back there.

11/3/2008 05:17:06

At last - a truly family friendly diet. Jamie Oliver take note!

11/4/2008 01:32:41

Great work and publishing doesn't have to be a fantasy. You could have a "serious" section where the recipes are edible and other sections of various themes.
Also anything can be rhymed if you really want it to, eg Bacon with Hake on or even with Cadbury's Flake on,
I think you've got the makings of a winner here and I hope you go for it!

11/5/2008 04:57:21

My friend sent me the link to my work email address, I am the PA of the Head of the Department. Luckily he was out today. I started to read it and managed to get the the lambs heart treacle tart before I had to shut the office door and close the internet down. I sent the link home and just read it. You are so funny, I bet you are good fun to go for a night out with. Respec'.

11/11/2008 02:19:44

puffin muffin

satsuma bloomer

chocolate log with frog

eye pie

mustard custard

11/14/2008 01:10:02

The best are the photos of the meals pre-consumption. So nicely arranged on the plates, with shiny silverware at the ready.

For the book, perhaps you could consider some options for us vegetarians? Like...

rice & beans with cadbury creams


tomato on cookie dough?

11/24/2008 21:16:24

As a scientist, I must commend you on the quality of your research. Few people show such dedication and initiative.

I would attempt to expand on your findings with a further study, but I fear I would not be able to commit myself to such a rigorous testing program.

Keep up the good work; nutritionists should be made aware of this successful study.

12/3/2008 20:05:33

Classic, Love it

come on over and visit us you will fit right in

2/5/2009 23:37:08

Loved the OCD diet and wondered if there might be a book in it... It made me laugh out loud. A lot. We're the indie publisher that sadly brought the world Pets with Tourette's and other classics, and we're hunting around for humour for Christmas...

5/24/2009 14:45:05

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7/2/2009 11:00:48

Brilliant! Don't know when I've laughed so hard. Being OCD myself, I can soooo relate, but my eating quirks don't involve rhyming, unfortunately. Maybe they should. I'd probably eat less!!
There just might be a book in this!!

charlotte wilkinson
8/19/2009 12:46:43

you..are hilarious! that was one of the best things i have found on tinternet! entertaining and informative! i salute you! definatley a book, or newspaper potential here

9/20/2010 19:23:27

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9/21/2010 21:42:38

Fantastic! but what's on top the Hog Roast on Toast?

Suggestion for day 6

Breakfast: Cockles on Waffles
Lunch: Pasta bake with carrot cake
Diner: Tiramisu Beef Stew

9/22/2010 05:09:52

One of the funniest things I have see in a long time still wetting myself:)

10/10/2010 20:16:51

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2/11/2011 01:33:38

Hilarious !

2/18/2011 09:26:15

I never try..

4/5/2012 13:55:04

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4/9/2012 20:45:36

Now I've got sore stomach muscles. Thanks.

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